Change Xero

Please fill out the form or contact us to change or cancel your Xero plan.

Please read the cancellation fine print below

Cancelling your goBeanie Subscription to Xero 

The customer has web access to their Xero file. Should you wish to cancel or require us to change the “Xero organisation” to your business this will incur a charge of $100 and Xero fees need to be paid till the end of the month connected.

Once these are paid the Xero organisation will be changed to you. Your name and email address which is already on file with goBeanie will be used for this transfer. Should we receive no direction within 7 or by the month end (whichever comes first) then we will archive the Xero file to stop additional subscription costs. Archiving involves another $100 charge directly from Xero themselves.

So if you require the file please act promptly. if you have any problems or concerns please contact Brad via the goBeanie help desk.