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Flexible Payroll: Online FlexiTime

The most important part of any business is to ensure that your employees get paid on time, but even more specifically, are paid the correct amount.
If any employee is paid incorrectly, even by just a few cents, they quickly become a disgruntled employee as they believe their employer to be either incompetent or just don’t care enough about their employees to be bothered to get their payroll correct.

Any business that operates a manual payroll system is almost looking for trouble as this leaves the paperwork open to human error.
Computerised payroll systems help the situation considerably, but why not go the whole nine yards and add a link into your Xero online accounting software and add a secure financial set of keystrokes that guarantees you accurate results?

As an employer, you can always employ someone or a small team to carry out your payroll at your place of work, but it is more efficient and financially viable to use online software that helps ensure that your business:

Use FlexiTime for Xero

If you want a payroll system that grows with your business and can handle not only standard employees, but also remote, casual and flexible challenges, FlexiTime could be the answer to your situation, especially as it links in so well with your Xero accounting software.

FlexiTime works with your business to help you improve your accuracy in both payroll and billing your clients for your employee’s time.
The Xero add-on helps your bottom line profit by using an online rostering method so you can plan and budget your employee’s hours.

With the STANDRAD system you will be able to create your payroll online from your timesheets. You will also be able to compare your planned roster with the real time your employees logged on their timesheets.

If you choose the ENTERPRISE version, the software will help you work employee’s time in with client invoices ensuring accuracy for both of you.
The software will automatically send text messages and email reminders to help employees enter the right information at the right time.
Moving to an online billing system is a leap of faith. It must work first time and then every time.

You will need a high level of support in the early days of using the software, even if only to confirm the necessary actions.

To confirm the support, it is provided free by FlexiTime’s Support Centre during business hours and to keep your accountant happy, the call is also free.

Here are a few of the actions you can allow in your payroll system:

Software is available from the one person business to the busy employer in suitably priced packages.

Make a list of what services you need from your payroll and then compare to the various options available to see which matches your needs best.

Brace yourself for FlexiTime Shift

This online photo time clock app for your Smartphone or tablet computer confirms roll call and time worked. It recognises your employee! That’s how the future is shaping up.