Getting Organised with Small Business

Organise Your Children So Your Business Life Runs Easier

Which comes first; your children or your small business?
Although the question first appears to be irrelevant or ridiculous, if you don’t organise your children and their lives easily, your business might suffer as a result and vice versa.

If you left it up to your children, they wouldn’t look at the clock to see whether it’s time to get up for school and they would only organise breakfast when they felt hungry. They wouldn’t take the right books to school and if they did manage to get a towel into the bathroom, it would live permanently on the floor.

Strangely, the steps you need to take to organise your children are the same steps that will help you run your business successfully. Every time you think about managing your business, substitute your business thoughts, with your children.

Children always generate an element of chaos and disorganisation into your lifestyle, but if you run your business in the same way, you would be lucky to have a business that generates a profit as you wouldn’t have the time to send out invoices and get paid.

Training your children to stay focused

There is good news in all of this. Eventually, apart from some wildly creative types, they will eventually manage both chaos and disorganisation to a level that is acceptable in your daily routines, but you might have to wait longer than you thought.

Just like the way you run your small business, you need you teach your children to stay focused so they can complete tasks on time.
For every minute you spend chasing your children to complete homework or a project for school, it’s a minute lost that could have been better spent interacting well with your children or an extra minute available for your work

Teach your children by:

It’s particularly annoying to see other children (or businesses) being completely organised for every occasion. You probably wouldn’t want your children to be that perfect, (after all, who wants compliant robots for children who agree with everything you say and everything you do?) But a good many step towards good orgaisation means you can devote more time to running your business, rather than trying to run your children and as a result run yourself into the ground!

Three steps to organisation

Planning ahead helps you stay focused on specific items that must be completed by specific dates. If you are able to develop attitudes that help planning methods develop effectively, it’s amazing how much stuff can get completed without you having to ask.
Teach an easy process to your children and your colleagues at work;

Once you show your children (and employees) how easy it is to apply these methods to any task that needs completing, they will be able to act independently and you will have more free time.

Children and employees will show pride in being able to complete tasks without having to refer to you every single time.

Have a great weekend from Slater